Preventing Plantar Warts

Wondering how you can protect your feet from warts? Plantar warts are painful little growths that develop on the soles of the feet. They can make wearing shoes or walking around simply unbearable. If you think you might be dealing with plantar warts, this may be the perfect time to turn to our Beachwood, and […]

We’ll Heal Your Heels

How your podiatrist in Beachwood and Middleburg Heights, OH, can help with heel pain. Heel pain can come on suddenly, or it can develop over time. If you suffer from heel pain, you already know how debilitating it can be. The good news is your podiatrist is an expert at treating heel pain and other […]

How A Podiatrist Can Help You With Your Foot Pain

Know when it’s time to see a professional about your foot pain. Is foot pain impacting your daily routine? Want to be able to go on a walk, run errands or hit the gym without being in pain? Foot pain is a real nuisance, and sometimes it can signify something more serious. Here’s what you […]

FAQs About Warts

How your podiatrist in Beachwood and Middleburg Heights, OH, can help you get rid of plantar warts Warts are ugly, and they can be uncomfortable. Warts can make you self-conscious about wearing sandals and open shoes. Fortunately, your podiatrist has several ways to get rid of warts. Dr. Ronald Freireich at Cleveland Foot And Ankle […]

When To See a Podiatrist

When your feet are troubled, your whole life may be troubled. Bothersome issues with your feet can cause severe consequences if not promptly treated. Podiatrists are commonly called foot doctors, but they also treat the ankle and lower leg. They are uniquely qualified at treating foot and ankle problems. Optimal health of your feet is inextricably linked to […]